Three Montessori schools in Bergen are looking forward to welcoming you to visit their school on Friday 6. May.

All three schools have students from the 1st to 10th grade (age 6-15).

Due to great interest in visiting the schools and limitations on the number of visitors, you will have to use the form at the bottom of this page to sign up to when and where you would like to visit.

We kindly ask that you do not sign up for a school visit unless you are absolutely sure you will be able to attend. 

Bjørgvin Montessoriskole

(max. visitors in one group: 20)

Address: Storetveitvegen 86, 5072 Bergen
Read more about the school here:

We welcome our fellow Montessorians to come and visit our school Friday the 6th of May, to observe and see how we work.

As this is a regular school day for all of our students, we need to organize you in 2 groups with 20 participants in each. The first group is scheduled to start at 10:00 and finish by 11:00, whereas the second group will begin at 13:00 and finish by 14:00. Please make sure to note which time will suit you best.

Each visiting group will be met by students who will act as tour guides, and you will have the opportunity to listen to student presentations and interact with us. There will also be opportunities for observing all three age groups in our school.

daVinci Montessoriskole

(max. visitors in one group: 60)

Address: Kniksenplassen 1, 5063 Bergen. (Brann football stadium, Inngang 9, 3rd floor)
Read more about the school here:

Welcome to us at daVinci. We look forward to show you our school grades 1.-10. Our students will be your guides. They will present to you their work, offer you coffee and snack. You will also be invited to a spectacular student-show including speeches, song and science experiments.

Group 1: Maximum number of guests: 60
Time: 10.00-12.30: Observation, student show and science experiments.

Group 2: Maximum number of guests: 60
Time: 11.30-14.00: Student show and science experiments, observation.

Montessoriskolen i Bergen

(max. visitors in one group: 30)

Address: Torgny Segerstedts vei 27, 5143 Fyllingsdalen
Read more about the school here:

Welcome to Montessoriskolen i Bergen. We are looking forward to welcoming two groups (maximum 30 participants in one group)

When you come to our school you are free to visit our seven classrooms, and to observe and speak with our students and teachers. Snacks and coffee/tea will be served in our canteen. Teachers from the different age groups and some of our adolescent students will be available in the canteen/lounge to answer questions and serve as guides. There will also be mini-concerts and an art exhibition in the lounge.

How to get there
The travel planner Skyss is available in English here.

You can choose to book your visit in either the early timeslot (group 1), the afternoon (group 2) or both groups if you would like to visit two different schools. If so, please make sure to plan for travel time between the schools.